Defense+ with another HIPS program...

Hi All,
I have been using CIS since past 3 months and am quite satisfied with it. However I like to test new security programs too. So I have the following queries :

1). Can I install another HIPS program (to test) while CIS Dsfense+ disabled or I have to uninstall CIS first ?
2). Can two HIPS program co-exist in a PC with one enabled (and another disabled) at one time ?
3). How to keep every file of any Removable Drive in Blocked Application’s list.
Every time I insert a USB Drive in my PC the drive has a different name. So please tell me a general rule to block all the files in the removable drive.


  1. I never tried, but theoretically speaking should be possible. But I cannot guarantee
  2. Same question as question 1; same answer
  3. Try adding all possible station names to it. It will look something like this:


It would be better to use virtualization software to do your testing in, rather than having two real-time security apps of the same genre running at the same time on the one machine.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Every time I insert a USB Drive in my PC the drive has a different name. So please tell me a general rule to block all the files in the removable drive.

“Fix it” with Hitachi Microfilter, and then assign a fixed letter.

In the most frequent event of multiple usb ports, always plug the same device in the same port.

Any general solution for removable drives please :frowning:

I asked only one enabled at a time. Plz refer my point 2.

Any general solution for removable drives please

Didn’t i give you one?

Once you know that cis, like every software on earth or so, interprets paths, the easier way is to reduce multiple letters to a single one.

There’s no windows fantasy in letter affectation, but only rules (primary partitions, fixed internal devices as cd drives, extended partitions, external devices).

It the letter affected to a usb device “moves”, it means that you sometimes “plug” before a device with higher priority (a self speaking example is inconstantly plugging another external device or mounting a virtual drive).

Even in these circumstances, windows allows to change and fix whatever letter but the system partition one: once done, your stick shall always have the same letter assignment if you plug it to the same usb port.

I mainly use 2 sticks, one is simple, the other has two partitions:
if i successively plug these sticks to the same usb port, they shall be recognized as O: in the first instance, O: and P: in the second (Hitachi microfilter fixing).

Leaving under silence the P: situation, not so frequent, it is then enough for me to set whatever cis rules i want, added to the standard harddisk rules and whenever full path specifying is needed, for O:(Application Path), altough it is no so fequent either to run not files, but applications from a usb stick.

General rules, e.g. scvhost, don’t need for the path to be specified.

The only solution if, say, you happen to run Firefox both from your harddisk and from a portable usb version, and if trying to avoid doubling the rule, would be to have exactly the same path on both sides, and to be able to use a wildcard instead of the partition letter: i don’t think it to be possible, but who knows?