Defense+ what is attention sign eluding to?

i’ve been using the firewall for a few years now and everything has been fine.
however this morning i notice that there is an exclamation mark on top of the firewall tray icon.

when i open the firewall i’m told that Defense+ isn’t working properly.
i’ve run diagnostics and it comes up as nothing wrong.
i’ve run updates and apparently its all up to date.

what does this mean, and how can i get rid of it?

thank you.

This behaviour could be caused by malware. Run a scan with MBAM and report back if it found anything. Also, click on the Start → Run and type services.msc. Find the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service and determine if it is Started and whether Startup Type is set to Automatically.

That is exactly what happened on my 32-bit machine yesterday.
An exclamation mark and defence+ not working.
When i re-booted i couldnt log into the computer.
When i did finally manage to get logged in i was informed that windows couldnt connect to a service and my computers layout immediately changed to vista basic.
When i looked in the defence+ intrusions log.
1.rundll32 had been blocked.
2.shelldll32 had been blocked.
3.logon,exe had been blocked.
Defence+ had gone ona blocking spree.

My machine is clean as ive done several scans.
Im puzzled as to what to do.
My only option would seem to be to use a restore point.