Defense + vs Netzero [RESOLVED]

After downloading Defense plus in any form is blocking Netzero from a clean startup. Winpatrol usually allows Netzero to change the registry but Defense + is corrupting Netzero (possibly blocking the change). The taskbar icon is vaporized and Netzero reports a corruption. The program still connects to the internet. The taskbar icon is absent and the login screen will not close. What to do? Netzero has recommended two fixes that do not work. First, reload the software and change a compatibilty toggle. Second, completely un-install and reinstall in a folder other than the program folder. :frowning:

I think if you uninstall all netzero componemts from your pc and remove related item in comodo 3, and try reinstalling with D+ set on learning mode while using Installation mode, you’ll see that it works… Hopefully. :slight_smile:


Try putting the firewall and D+ in training mode till Netzero is learned. You can also manually add the files to the firewall and D+.

Tried both solutions AND separately allowed Netzero files as “Safe”. The problem seems to be that Netzero wants to address the registry each time it logs in and out. This seems to trigger an event in Defense +. Netzero runs fine with Defense + disabled and I can use Defense + when surfing via “free” broadband.

Delete all entires of Netzero in the firewall and D+. Then put the firewall and D+ in training mode and reboot. You cannot add files to D+ as safe. Do you mean “trusted”?. Also you can manually add the Netzero files to the firewall and D+. Broadband? Isnt Netzero only dial up?

“My Own Safe Files” : Defense + Common Tasks.

No.No.No. Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and add it there. I don’t have anything in my own safe files and never have. Thats where certain files go if your using clean pc mode which you are not.

Add them here and also go to Firewall\Adavnced\Network Security Policy and add the same files.

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BTDT. First place(s) I checked.


Success. I uninstalled both products. Ran CCleaner and Regclean. Re-booted. Reinstalled NZ, and kept it running while I re-installed Comodo. Re-booted. Put Firewall and Defense + in Training mode. Re-started NZ and … viola!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am glad to be able to keep using and recommending Comodo.

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