Defense Verbesserung notwendig! (German-Text)

Hallo CIS-Team,

mir ist folgendes aufgefallen bei CIS! Nach meiner Meinung eine Sicherheitslücke!
Firewall überprüft per Option “Auch andere NDID-Protokolle als TCP/IP überwachen”!
Aber die Sandbox-Funktion nur ausführbare Anwendung!
Wünschenswert wäre, an paar Beispiele erklärt, Systemdateien die wärend der Betriebssystenlaufzeit geladen werden in einer Sandbox laufen lassen?
Beispiel: - TAPI-Anwendungen
- Peerblock ->pbfilter.sys sollen Registry/Dateisystem virtualliesiert laufen und mit RAM-Begrenzung
256 MByte
Peerblock nur Registry virtuallisiert und 512 MByte (das geht ja ohne weiteres)



Hi-CIS team

I noticed the following in CIS! In my opinion, a security hole!
Firewall reviewed by option “Other NDID protocols as monitor TCP / IP”!
But the sandbox feature only executable application!
It would be desirable, explained in some examples, system files are loaded Betriebssystenlaufzeit During car running in a sandbox?
Example: - TAPI applications
- Peer block → pbfilter.sys should run Registry / virtualliesiert file system and RAM limit
256 MB
Peer block only virtuallisiert Registry and 512 MB (this is so without further notice)



Translated using Google Translate, of course it’s not accurate but at least we get something ;D

Yep… Still dont understand, Darn my Uni-Lingual Self…

I gave the translation a go. I learned German back in school and I keep my German maintained a bit by watching a couple of German detective series on the German tv.

Some sentences were not properly structured and made tranlating harder (notice that German and Dutch (my native language) sentences are very similarly structured).

Here it is:

I noticed the following with CIS. In my opinion a security hole.
The firewall checks when enabled “Monitor NDIS protocols other than TCP/IP”. BUt the sandbox checks only executables!

It would my wish, explained by some examples, to have system files, that are loaded during a Windows session, being run in a sandbox.
Example: TAPI applications:
Peerblock → pbfilter.sys should be ran with virtalised Registry and virtualised file system and with RAM limitation
256 MByte
Peerblock only runs with virtalilsed registry and uses 512 MB of RAM (not sure what is being said here; I don’t know to what is being referred to)