Defense+ v5 vs Foldermatch from Saltybrine Software

Operating system: Windows 7 64bit

I use a comparison/update program called Foldermatch from Saltybrine Software, a licensed retail product.

Comodo Firewall Pro 4.1.150349.920 64-bit Defense+ has no problem with Foldermatch.
Comodo Firewall Pro 5.0.163652.1142 64-bit Defense+ will not let Foldermatch start.

I placed Foldermatch in the firewall and defense+ as a trusted application and CFP confirmed it is
a trusted application - still won’t execute at all. I proved it by disabling Defense+, restarting my
system, and Foldermatch started normally. Re-enabling Defense+ again stopped Foldermatch from
starting. My process monitor shows that Foldermatch can’t even begin to execute.

I tried CIS v5, same results. I have returned my system to CFP v4 because I like the way Defense+
works but I can not use v5 until I can also get Foldermatch to work with it.

Is there some other way, other than trusted application, to tell Defense+ to let Foldermatch



Please try htis FAQ here.

Best wishes


Thanks for the reply. I used your FAQ, added the exe and main dll to the
exclusion list and everything works fine.

Really appreciate your help.