Defense +, USBIPS (USB Intrusion Prevention System), Comodo Program Manager

I would really appreciate it if you could put Defense + as a standalone. I’ve read many users wanted to install only Defense + but could not and resorted instead to others as WinPatrol and to the often compared to Threatfire. It could either be (like some users) that other firewalls work better in their system than your firewall/AV and would prefer to install another firewall/AV other than yours but would love to keep the Defense + module and (of course,) the Sandbox as well since these do a great job protecting the PC or - as it is in my case - it is because that the PC their using is darn too slow to keep up with a lot of software running. I for one loved your Defense + and firewall. However, with an 8 year old computer and OS armed with only as much as 220 MB of RAM, it is really hard to keep up. Thus, we opt to choose the Defense + rather than the firewall or AV. I managed to tame the firewall to make it more…“friendly” with my PC, but it took two weeks before I could make it run smoothly. The antivirus required me to update it manually instead to avoid clogging the internet connection and consuming too much memory (it consumes more than 75 MB at least 50 when idle of RAM and 99 Memory usage during scans only and I have absolutely no idea why even after 7 successful installations) and scans cripples my computer so I had to disable even real-time protection. For this reason, it is definitely a blessing to have Defense + and sandbox as a standalone which protects without having to update and responds faster than the AV. It’s like Threatfire with a lot more control and added protection (Sandbox).

Thus, I vote for having Defense + as a standalone. And another thing that is lacking in the market today would be a USBIPS (USB Intrusion Prevention System) or something like that. I’ve really been trying to find one that would do something similar to that as that would be, in my opinion, prove to be a better solution than making a dummy autorun.inf or write-protecting the USB (mine still got infected although it had both by newfolder.exe virus). The USBIPS software could place an autorun that works solely for itself, meaning that only it could use the autorun and from then on, would protect it with the same protection given to dummy autorun.inf. That way, it will be the only one to run automatically. In a way, it might function in the system as a HIPS software, but will work the same for USB’s. Believe me. If you manage to pull this one, not only have you saved my life, but made another innovation everyone will have a hard time competing with. I also look forward to your Program Manager. I read about it in the beta testing. It seems to be a great software and I expect great things from Comodo. More power and God bless!