Defense+ unrecognised files deleted, hosed PC

First off, why the heck would you put an option to delete unrecognised files (including system files) above the purge button without a further prompt to ensure that the user knows that the files will be deleted and not to the recycle bin?!

Totally hosed my system, wouldn’t boot properly, half my progs were destroyed. I had to spend 2 days reinstalling windows and getting them all reinstalled. Suffice to say Comodo is now unrecognised and deleted for good.

i understand why your mad but you cant blame comodo for your mistake

I’m angry that Comodo had the ability to actually damage my setup.

I’m angry that that ability was placed in a group of buttons that are harmless - Remove, Delete and Purge, all have similar connotations but only one of those can f’up everything.


I’m sorry you had to re-install Windows to correct your mistake.

In each CIS window, there is at the bottom “what do these sittings do”; clicking on it takes the user to the user’s manual where he’ll find the explanation for all the options offered in this particular window. It is surely a good reflex to first try to understand the options before applying one, in my opinion at least.

Sorry to hear you took refuge in doing a reinstall of Windows. That’s soo much work. It’s unfortunate you did not come to the forums. We could have helped you with it and prevent the reinstall of Windows.

Please notice that removing or purging references to files in Unrecognised Files, Trusted Files and various other place do not delete the actual files but only the rules or references.