[Defense+]Trusted Files List shows lots of 'empty files'


SETUP: Win 7 - CIS premium (not Pro) 5.12

PROBLEM: I have a bunch of ‘empty icons’ in my Trusted Files list and I don’t know how they came to be there and what they mean. I’m deleting them atm, but there seem to be like a 100 or so! Havent bothered to count them.
EXTRA: it’s quite a hassle to select multiple files in trusted files list. Could you guys make it so one could SHIFT+select multiple items at once? Right now the fasted way to go through them is ARROW DOWN + SPACE. No fun.

SCREENSHOT: a printscreen of what I’m facing is attached.

I hope my issue is clear.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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check to see what version of virus definitions you have, i.e., ‘MORE’, ‘ABOUT’

Hi weshie,
Have you tried the purge function?

Virus Signature DB: 15875

Didn’t think to use that button, cause I wasn’t sure what it did.
Now that I googled that Purge function it seems like it might have solved it and removed all those entries.

To remove invalid entries (programs / files that are not present or uninstalled from your computer) automatically
Select the entry and click 'Purge'button.</blockquote>

I will try that next time something similar occurs.
At this time, I’ve removed them all (fwew! A lot!) manually.

Hi weshie,
That made me tired thinking about manual removal. :smiley:

Please do post back if similar happens in the future, thanks.
Kind regards.

Trusted Files Help

Purge - Runs a system check to verify that all the files listed are actually installed on the host machine at the path specified. If not, the file is removed, or 'purged', from the list.

Roger that. So your A/V defs isn’t corrupt. When the trusted files list acts funky everytime I seen that I noticed the A/V defs version = 0.

By manually downloading the current A/V defs and installing htem manualy invariably fixed the prollem.

However, in your case that’s not the prollem. And in anycase it appears you solved the prollem (whatever it was).