Defense+ "Trusted Application"

I have a question about it.

You know when you get Defense+ Popups about an application trying to do something? Well, You know where it has the drop downlist “Treat as browser”, etc etc… Well it also has “Trusted Application”.

For example, Defense+ did alot of popups when I was uninstalling Avast! for each individual exe, dll, etc etc… and when I finally clicked that drop down list and “Trusted Application” Defense+ Alerts no more.

But I am concerned about security. Is this safe to do this kind of thing to an application you trust and know its SAFE?



“Trusted Application” is a predefined security policy that alows an executable to access protected files/folders, protected registry keys, other processes’ memory, stuff like that. If you trust an application and know for sure that it’s not somehow infected, it’s OK to apply it.


Click on Defense+ > Advanced > Predefined Security Policies > Trusted Application.
Click the Edit… button to the right.
Click on Access Rights and you can see what the access rights are for Trusted Application.
Similarly, click on Protection Setting and you can see the protection setting are for Trusted Application.
Doing the above for any of the Predefined Security Policies should give you a pretty good feel for what you are allowing by using any of the predefined security policies.



I get that I can now “Trust” an application if I know it is safe, So I am OK when choosing “Trusted Application”.

I just hope I don’t muck up those settings in Defense+ Predefined Security Policies :-, and then decrease my protection level, is there some kind of rule I can create or something? Like for Avast! I installed CFP 3 with default settings (Including Defense+, But I changed that setting to “Training Mode”)

Sorry for all the questions…

Thank very much, to you both! :BNC

Josh. 8)

You are still protected with the trusted application rule as long as the file you trusted is not infected. That file will still receive alets if something tries to modify it.