Defense+ System Scan


first I would like to say big thank you to Comodo for all these great free applications. (R)

My question is about Defense+ System Scan. I am wondering if it is worth of running both Defense+ System Scan and Comodo Antivirus System Scan, or are they both same engine? When I look at CPU usage, it seems cavse.exe is doing most work even though Defense+ System Scan is running, but that could be on-access scanner of Antivirus checking all files before Defense+ System Scan can check them? If that was true, then I guess another scan by Antivirus would be waste of time, becouse on-access scanner of the Antivirus already tested all files accessed by Defense+ System Scan. Am I correct, or should I run another System Scan from Comodo Antivirus too?

Thank you for any reply. :slight_smile:

The D+ system scan is a " on denamd scanner" not a real time scanner. Use it to run a scan once in awhile but it still needs to mature. You can use Spybot and SuperAntiSpyware on demand to get a good malware\spyware scan. As far as Comodo anti virus its good but not the best. If you want the best stay with big names. NOD32,Kaspersky,Dr. Web,Avira AntiVir( which is what I have). Those are all paid anti virues with top notch scores from AV Comparatives and other sites. If you a want good free anti virues go with either AVG or Avast. Hope this helps.