Defense+ => System freez - X64 [NOT - Resolved]

oh sorry. and yes i can as i allready told this a developer and another forum hero.

a developer gave me a version of a dll to test but it didn’t made any difference. this was before the last update. i can reproduce this reliable and on different machines but they both are vista 64.

I assume you where in contact with Egemen ?

no, the developer was Jie ■■■■.


i tried the training mode,
but still black screen.
It seems to not be the cure

I’ll see if i can draw some dev attention here.

well, i don’t know if it is due to you but Jie ■■■■ wrote me again asking for my help to test future tries solving this issue.

of course i will test what ever he sends me and i will inform you here if it get’s better.

i really like comodo firewall and defence+. in my opnion the best produkt in this catagorie and i allready recomended it to enterprises i have connections too. so i am very interested in helping to make it better :slight_smile:

i hope comodo will keep this attitude.

I think that I have similar problem with D+ in Vista x64. Sometimes it totally freezes the system - only mouse moves and keyboard commands do nothing. It’s like trying to interact with screenshot of your desktop. Black screen would be likely if this would happen when full screen game starts. CAV did this once too in .508 version, not sure if it still does it. Changed back to Avast and disabled D+ for this reason.

I remain in the small group of people with this issue. Though ony under certain circumstances, my problem is the same as yours: eventually every single app freezes taskmgr is uncallable apps cannot be terminated. I am left with a moving mouse and the case reset button. Also vista 64, and also started around the time of this thread, which is for quite a while now.

Can this be narrowed down to a single running application conflicting with Defense+?

well, maybe: explorer.exe

i came to this due to such freezes using rocketdock and/or objektdock. especially with objektodock i hat similar freezes (before using training mode over a long time) where explorer.exe was the process with the deadlock.

in the many cases with (every new installed) games i cannot say what process exactly is the source.

Jie ■■■■ gave me a tool that causes a bsod when i press the keys b s o d. i should use this after i get such a freeze. the problem was, it was so frozen, that the tool didn’t worken. the idea was to get a memory dump file.

I think there’s no single application that causes this. It can happen whenever D+ and probably CAV too since once this thing happened when CAV showed pop ups (I couldn’t click them, when D+ does it it doesn’t even show D+ pop up). Firewall alone has never caused this.

That’s quite funny. It totally halts the system, makes things quite difficult. :smiley:

just as an information for the forum:
i recieved from the developers a tool that causes a bsod when i type the letter b s o d. the intension was to cause a bsod when i have the above described freeze to get a memory dump file.

well, everything was so frozen that the tool was not able to cause the bsod. don’t know if it couldn’t receive the key strokes or what ever.

currently i’m waiting for further instructions.

btw. i never had similar problems with CAV. at least none that i know of.

I had it in .508 build, after that only with D+. If they find the problem with D+ they should check CAV too that it is not going to cause problems too.

Maybe you could try this one:
How to create your own BSOD in Windows
This should work on Vista also.

I won’t single it out on exlorer. I’ve had cases where firefox or msn were the first to freeze too.

Maybe not. I never install the AV.

be patiened. they are currently digging in a memory dump file i send them during such a freez. seems they are close to find the problem.

so ths issue is bing adressed. i will inform you how it evolves when there are news to this.

Can anyone notice any difference now that 3.10.101801.529 is released?

Atleast I’m experiencing this problem still with .1.02363.531

Trying to minimize Soulseek’s window causes a freeze every now and then - after a few minutes the warning about system memory access pops up.

I have also system freezes with CIS 3.12.111745.560 and nVidia drivers 190.-191.xx when opening a video file in media player classic homecinema (32 or 64 bit) under vista SP2 x64 and win7 x64.
Weird is that:
there is no such problem with nVidia drivers 186… and less;
the problem occurs only in 3-4h or more uptime;
the problem seems to occur after a popup alert from comodo;
the problem seems not to occur if there were no popup alerts or after the user account was freshly logged off (and of course after a system restart) and there were no popup alerts after logon.
First I have created a topic in nVidia drivers forum, but the only similiar problem had also a CIS user under win7, so now it seems to be a CIS problem. Further I can provide a link to this topic in nVidia forums, when I find it