Defense+ => System freez - X64 [NOT - Resolved]

I found out something new and probably interesting:

i tried reinstalling cis. this did not helped BUT after that i experimented a little with the defense+ settings.

well unchecking “Computer Monitor” within Defense+ Setting / Monitor Settings / Obbjects to Monitor Against … prevents the problematic operations of defense+ that cause the freez.

please show this to the devs. additionally i want to point out that this pc is quite new with a less than 4 month old vista 64. so it is relativly fresh.

Thank you for the reply. I will make note of the fix.
If you consider this now resolved, I will mark this as such and lock it. If you require it opened again, please pm any Mod or Admin.

Can you check to see if setting Buffer Overflow protection to disabled changes anything in this behavior ?

(D+, Advanced, Image Execution, Detect Shellcode Injections).

here, just two posts above yours :wink:

WOW it took you some time to notice that other people are already complaining about the same problem,
that started after the last update.

Before the last update i had never this problem,now it doesnt matter if i playe the game for the first time or if i already played the game for some xx h (CIS 3.5)

Setting Defense+ in train-mode prior starting the game helps. after getting in and playing short around i leave the game and switch back to safe mode in defense+.

after that no problems.

but this is not how it should work. prior the patch i could allow or disallow using the popups what i want. it seems that there is a popup blocking everything BUT in an unusual way. before the patch in worst case i could use ctrl+alt+del to get to the vista menu allowing to start e.g. the task manager what at the same time in most cases allowed me to see the popup because it brought me back to desktop without exiting the game.

but now it freezes totally.

I’m having serious problems with D+ and CAV too. I’ll just quote what I posted in other thread.

One system freeze hapened while installing PowerDVD 8 Ultra (just to be sure my installation was not broken). I had a merry time cleaning and fixing Windows registry to be able to install PowerDVD 8 Ultra again after that incident.

Can you please check the windows eventlog to see if there are crash reports for cmdagent.exe ?
Are there minidumps in c:\windows\minidump ?

I also know PhyxionNL and spica have the same sort of problem… all x64 users.

no crashes of cmdagent in eventlogs. for the minidumps i will look at home.

but i don’t think it is a crash. it is a lock when it wants to ask the user for a permission of an action but it cannot display the window for it.

i also observed similar problems with ObjectDock from i get a popup asking me to permit something releated to explorer.exe. but i cannot klick on the popup to allow. the mouse cursor show the wait animation and everythink hangs. at least in this example ctr+alt+del works to get to the shutdown menu.

it seems as if defense+ gets into a deadlock.

edit: i do not use objectdock anymore and now i’m forced to swith to traiining before starting games the first time. this helps most of the time.

You could do a compare of configs from before and after training to see what exactly changed for the settings that could give a clue in which direction to look.

Easiest would be to use the config reporting script you can find here:

I use winmerge to compare the two outputs…

Good news… they have found a bug regarding this…

I’m not sure if you are replying for me but anyway, sadly it does not give BSOD and thus no memory dump. Picture freezes and system does not respond to any key - only mouse pointer moves.

If that also means non-BSOD crash then I’m happy. :smiley:

I think so if Egemen says lockups then those are not BSODs :wink:

Hopefully it is true. This actually happens with CAV too, when it finds virus or false positive it might lock up the computer same way as D+.

Feel free to post that on the release notes post as a question to Egemen, he might respond :wink:

the problem i described in this thread produces no memory dums! there were also no config changes or anything mentioned here.

but i will recheck if the behaviour persists after the recently patches. at least i can check some of the symptoms.

I have a similar problem too.
I have windows 7 RC with comodo firewall, everathing worked perfectly.
Since the last update i have the problem that newly installed games load, i check the checkboxes, the screen tunrs black and … thats all.
Harddisk is working, but because of ctrl+alt+del does not work you just can make a reset.
When i exit the comodo firewall from the taskbar the games start perfectly. (example plants versus zombies).

Defense+ is in clean pc mode

Any clue?

Yes a classical problem, just put Defense+ in Training mode before you start the game.
Start it a few times and then put Defense+ back to Clean PC Mode that should fix the problem.

No it is NOT a previous problem, at least it never was for me before the mentioned update.

previously i could ALLWAYS swith to taskmanger etc. or at least (on xp) the numlock and the power-off button on my case worked.

now EVERYTHING has frozen! even the power-button does not work anymore within windows. this is a totally new behaviour and an abnormal one too!

what you meen is an invisable opened dialog asking for an defence+ confirmation. this prevents the programm to continue and under unlucky circumstances you cannot switch or to or see the dialog. what i mean is DIFFERENT!
it is a full system freeze even blocking numlock leds, backgroundprocesses like my g15 display and the soft-power off function of my case power button.

btw. installed yesterday demigod and got an system freeze druing blackscreen when loading demigod first time.

Hello a_user,

Well my response was aimed at mechtild, but can you continually reproduce this issue ?
By for example uninstalling and reinstalling a game or so ?