Defense+ => System freez - X64 [NOT - Resolved]

Since last update (guess 12 March 09) i observed the following things for the first time ever:

i have installed mirror’s edge and wow. defence+ allready knows them. after the update i tryed to start the two games and received a popup from defence+ that the game exe wants to access “system”. Sadly i do not know how exactly because i confirmed without reading properly.

after that the system freezed.

after a rebout all worked fine. same happend with the other game.

well i though the freez just happend due to the system break during the popup because after a reboot i could start the games as usually. but just befor some time ago i started wow and it freezed again. never ever had such issues before on the same system.

Windows Vista 64 SP 1
nvidia 8800GTS512
1066 4GB Ram

i now resetted the defence+ settings for wow to try to find out more about it. i will post more infos as soon i have them.

something has gone bad wrong with the latest defence+. :frowning:

New information:

at least with wow.exe (world of warcraft) the problem is reproducable as following:

reseted the defence+ settings for wow.exe
starting the launcher
clicking on play
confirming every defence+ popup with allow
on the popup that wow.exe is trying to access “system”'s memory directly i click on allow too
→ a few seconds after this the system freezed.

didn’t tryed it with the other game yet. i will try to find out if i can work arround it e.g. by blocking the system access.

EDIT: selecting “block” on the popup for accessing System in memory is followed by a freez too.

Well, i have now several games freezing whole pc during start up.
i observed a lock up except the mouse using CDBunrerXP similar to the lock up described in another thread.

i tryed chaning DEP modes wihtout a positive result. defense+ seems to be totally ■■■■■■■ since last update.
my favorite windows tool turned in systemkiller. :frowning:

i will try to disable defense+ in hope i can use at leaste the firewall without freezing. but as others have mentioned it could be that i’m forced to totally deinstall it to avoid problems with defense+ - i hope not so.

p.s. i hope you’ll fix this fast or revert to prevoius version until problem get’s fixed.

Hello, A_user. Welcome to the Forum.
Have you tried running the games with Defense+ in Training mode?
Right click the tray icon, go to Defense+, select ‘Training Mode’
After you close the game, change Defense+ back to what you have it set at before.
This will create the necessary rules needed to play the games.

thanks for the wellcome :smiley:

no. i have defense+ in safe-mode allways. after first freezings i removed the games from the defense+ list to reset them and get all popups again. i also tried adding a game executable as fully trusted before first start. this only resulted in a freez without a prior popup of an “allow/block”-dialog.

edit: after several tries sometimes the game starts without freez - so it is not allways. but allways after a popup asking for access to system in memory.

as i said this freezings are abolutly new since last update.

if you think using training mode would make any diference at will contribute in findng out the problem i will try it. but i’m not interessted in using training mode. anything below safe-mode is not of interest for me. but i will do so if it is of help clearing the source of the problem :wink: will report later of the results.

p.s. disabling only defence+ seems to help. but to be sure i have to test this further.

edit: what’s the difference using training mode if i use safe-mode but allow on every popup (with safe decision checked)?

What I have noticed on my own machine is my games go into full screen mode. The popups for Defense+ are there, but completely hidden. By placing Defense+ in Training mode, It will create the rules without any popups as it is learning how the game runs and what it needs to run.
This has worked perfectly for me to allow my games to run without freezing at any point during gameplay.

I hope this helps you, also.

well, i know this too. and i have developed my own “tricks” to get over this things. but this is a totally different issue and an issue which is anoying but at least for me solveable :slight_smile:
i know this issue since i use comodo with defense+…

to make it more clear. the freez is befor the game switches to any different video mode. i am still on desktop.
even on my G15 keyboard the display is frozen (because of the controlling software running on the pc) and the hdd control led is frozen. this is totally new and only since last update!

keyboard leds are all frozen too (num etc,). in your descriped problem (which i can overcome) crtrl+alt+del still works to get e.g. your taskmanger.

what i meen is really a freez → all dead. only the reset button helps.

only once i got with the above mentioned programm CDBurnerXP a partial freez, meaning everythings was frozen except the mouse cursor.

Do any of the logs show anything (as it definitely sounds like a conflict)?

well, the windows system logs do not show anything related (at least i found nothing).

comodo diagnostic tool show everything is allright.

in total i cannot find anything. if you have a tip where to look specifically don’t hesitate :wink:

Try any of the following:
Make sure all drivers are updated (especially nVidia).
Disable DEP for CmdAgent.exe
Are you running any other AV or security software?

everything is up to date

Disable DEP for CmdAgent.exe
how? addng cmdagent.exe to the exceptions is not possible under vista64. it tells me changing such attributes for 64bit files is not possible. edit: excluding pogramms from dep ist only possible if dep is used for every program. i tried this. but as i said above i also switched back to "only for needed programms" which (ofcourse) does not allow me to set any programs to exclude.
Are you running any other AV or security software?

i wonder what has been changed to defense+ to cause such problems now.

p.s. it really seems disabling only defense+ prevents further crashes/freezing. at least i can use the firewall.

could you post a HijackThis log please (don’t repair).


[attachment deleted by admin]

Would daemon tools have anything to do with this?

well i don’t think so. i use them for virtual dvd-drives. and there was currently nothing mounted. never ever had problems with them and they are quite used and common.

but i could try uninstalling them just to see if there is a problem. btw. none of the games are played with a diskcopy mounted in deamon tools. the games are all legal and whithout cracks. well, for wow a ■■■■■ even would not make sense :wink:

btw. meanwhile i made a malewarebytes scan and found one infection but as the info suggested it’s nothing heavy. it has been removed. i will check some other things an try later defence+ again if it freezes.
will post here later new results.

if you have any other suggestions meanwhile i would very appreciate your help as i allready do for your help till now :slight_smile:

problem still persists. i reproduced it with my 100% method :wink:

reseted defense+ settings for wow.exe. started wow.exe. and when i get the popup for direct access for systems memory → ■■■■ after some seconds freez.

btw. i NEVER ever had this popup befor the update of comodo defense+. i mean wow was allready known. and when it learned wow.exe i had some popups but never this one. this with system momory alert was new. maybe this helps

i now have defense+ disabled again. maybe, when i’m in the mood i try uninstalling comodo and reinstall it.

what were the results when you disabled Defense+?

what do you mean? some posts ago i allready said all seems to work fine with defense+ disabled. or do you mean something else?

I missed that post (my fault), sorry. that is why I had asked.
I will suggest running with D+ disabled for now, that way you can at least run your programs.
This may may be something for the Devs to look at.

well, i will do so. thank you very much at least for your attention.
i will keep looking in the forums. if there is any word from the devs or if they need any more informations from me i will help. just tell me what to do.