Defense+ Suggestion


I think Defense+ section could be simplified further. Instead of having a “Trusted Files” and “Unrecognized Files” group, both these groups could be added as one. For example, a “Files” group (as shown in “d+ 1.png”). Upon clicking this group, it would appear as shown in “d+ 2.png”

The trusted files group (as shown in d+ 2.png) should also be split into two. The top section showing files that have been added manually be the user and the lower section, files that have been added automatically by CIS. Also, within automatically added files, filters to show processes with windows folder, program files folder, etc.


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I would keep the distinction in the main interface as it shows the principle difference between trusted and non trusted files. The instructional value for new users is too high for me to give up on it.

Hi EricJH

Fair enough, I can understand given that my suggestion offers no additional security to CIS and would generate more work. I just thought it would make more sense to manage all files under one section rather than between two.