Defense+ stopped wortking and a report was generated


I’ve just noticed that my trusted Comodo Firewall is not working properly. I am “at risk” because “defense+ is not working properly”. Automatic fix failed but a report was generated containing a seemingly empty event log file, an xml file that list all of the processes I’m running and a crash.dmp file I’m unable to handle. The xml file reports everything in green except for two things:

Driver Status="Failed" Name="cmderd"


<Software Name="avast! Internet Security"/>
<Software Name="avast! Free Antivirus"/>

I’ve been using Avast Free Antivirus in tandem with CF for years and there were no major updates in at least a couple of weeks. Why would it stop working all of a sudden just because of that?

Any help will be profoundly appreciated.

I’m using W7 x64 Pro and that’s all that could be of any importance, I guess. If the full report is needed, I’ll upload it. I doubt there’s anything that shouldn’t be posted publicly, especially in the era of the Fappening, though I’ll hold to it just for now.

cmderd related issues are usually fixed by a clean re-installation. (using removal tool)

Hope it helps.