"Defense+" stays disable even when I try to turn it on secured mode ? help


I recently installed COMODO Firewall with the “defense+” and since I have installed “SpyHunter”, even when I try to turn on my “defense+” it remains on disable (idle)… Can someone helps?

Thanks in advance.


Was D+ functioning before you installed SpyHunter? What happens when run Diagnostics (it is under Miscellaneous)? Does that fix it and what does it report?

Edit: I found this about SpyHunter: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showpost.php?p=1249643&postcount=5 . It has a bad history but is now a below average spyware scanner. My idea would be to uninstall it.

yes D+ functionned before I installed SpyHunter.
The diagnostics says “no problem found”…
What is strange is that the main windows indicated (disable / idle) and when I open the windows “settings D+” it indicates “secured mode”…?

Since you message above, I uninstalled SpyHunter but the problem remains… do you have a solution? :-/

Thanks again for you help which I will probably read after tomorrow now…


When you are in Defense + settings screen make sure that “Deactivate Defense + permanently (requires a system restart)” is not selected. This is to make sure Defense + is switched on.