Defense+ slows down some file move operations considerably

Defense+ slows down some file move operations considerably. The affected moves are to locations within the same NTFS partition, and thus ought to be very fast, and indeed are very fast when I disable Defense+. The slowdown seems to happen if and only if the destination folder is in My Protected Files, and Defense+ is enabled. During these tests, I disabled my resident Antivirus, and also did not install Comodo Antivirus. Times for a test ~500 MB set of files: ~37 seconds when slowdown occurs, and nearly instantaneous when no slowdown occurs.

Affected version: CIS v3.8.65951.477 on 32-bit XP SP3 on 32-bit processor.

Has anybody else experienced this?

See my thread here:

There’s no issue when in Clean PC Mode. Would be nice if the issue was fixed in Safe Mode too.

Thank you for pointing it out :). I did scan all of the topics in the Bugs section before posting, but I missed yours because the title didn’t mention anything related to speed. I use Paranoid mode by the way.

.exe file transfer seems to be faster in the latest Beta .494 in “Safe Mode”. Only about 2-3 seconds slower to move large .exe files compared to when in “Clean PC Mode”. Unfortunate that there is still a slow down though!

This issue still exists in v3.10.

Yes, it’s a pity no one seems to want to fix this issue.