Defense settings & avira [RESOLVED]

I set update.exe as trusted and save settings but the next time avira updates i get message that update.exe is new parent app etc.
This happens everytime i update avira, prior to updating i check settings in defense config and update .exe is set as trusted.
Appreciate any info on how to resolve this annoyance.

Read this post and make all your Avira settings like mine. See the screen shots.The updater needs to be an updater.

I’v been through all relevant posts in this forum related to avira and have tried the settings you suggest but as stated when the time comes for avira to update it always pops up with update exe is new parent app etc, this is the same whether i set update.exe as trusted or installer. It worked ok with update exe as trusted until last but one comodo update, then it seems that this probem started.

MAKE ALL YOU AVIRA SETTINGS LIKE MINE. I have no problems what so ever. I am also using Avira Premium and not the free version. I also have the updates set to invisible. I also changed AVira updater to update every 2 hours. If you do that you can catch what Comodo is doing when this happens.

I have, as stated previously, put settings as shown in your post but, as stated previousy, when the time for avira to update occurs it shows the defense popup stating that update.exe is a new parent app etc.
As stated previousy this only started with last but one update of comodo.
BTW i am not deaf.

Only trying to help. Can you post a screen shot.Do you have “remember” checked off in D+.

What setting do you have the firewall and D+ set to?

this is my rules for antivir 8 FREE. maybe it can help?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Firewall set to custom and defense set to safe, and remember checkbox ticked.
It is avira free i use.

That could be the difference. With the new Avira do you still get an upgrade pop up? There was a 6 month free Avira Premium offered in a post here. Not sure if its still in effect.

This is with latest version of avira and latest version of comodo that popups occur.
Thanks for your help but i have decided to try an alternative free firewall for a while and see what happens, some other anomalies with comodo have also put me off it for now.

Hi leon,

Could you please just check something for me.
In D+/Advanced under C:\Program Files\Avira\AntivirPersonnel\preupd.exe if you click on access rights then “Modify” next to “Run an executable” do you have C:\Program Files\Avira\AntivirPersonnel\update.exe?
If not you can manually add it or next time you get the pop up at update time check"Remember My Answer"

Regards Matty

ps a Trusted Application will still ask for “Run an executable” if you have not allready told D+ to remember it

Sorry Comodo isn’t working for you but keep in mind Comodo is more then a simply firewall.

Re access rights, all is as it should be, as you state, and has always been set this way.

I always check remember answer.

This problem only arose after last but one update of comodo, prior to that all worked ok with avira and no popups every update.

I’ve run out of patience with this so will leave for now, maybe at a later date i will try comodo again.

Thanks all for the help though.

No probs Leon,

The Comodo products and forum will welcome you back anytime.

Good luck,