DEFENSE seems not to learn


I use Metaproducts’ Startup Organizer, ver. 2.875 SR2. Your Alpha 3.0.25 detects it’s attempts to read the memory of various processes and warns about it all the time. Trying make it to remember those attempts and not to warn anymore does not help, so I had to switch the Defense module to “learn all”, which does not make sense.

Could it be possible to add something like “Remember the CRC of this file and let it do whatever it tries” button, so that users could mark programs as “trusted” more easily?


Switch to the Beta that is currently available: .

I had a workaround that sorta kinda helped in the Alpha version. When you get a warning open Comodo → Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → edit the rule for the application → apply → apply. Then go to the alert and permit without letting it remember. You may get the same alert multiple times and just permit again without letting it remember.

The Beta version is still demented with the Defense +but it is in learn safe only mode. It will learn the rules for trusted application (according to Comodo) automatically. That makes it better to bear the dementia.

I concur.

With Alpha I was only having the “Forget settings” glitch about every week or so, with Beta it’s every single day now!
So far, every day I start my computer, I have to go thru the exact same popups that I told it to “Remember” the day before. This quickly leads to “Popup Burnout” which normally leads to the user lowering the Defence + settings to get away from the popups, which leads to a lowered security of course.

I would suggest that the Comodo team really work hard on geting this build to remember the settings properly, and release a quick upgrade just for this issue. Without the Defence + being in a proper “Learn Safe” mode, it’s almost useless and defeats it’s purpose almost entirely, so I see this as a MAJOR issue that I would try to fix and release ASAP.


I have the same problem with the beta will not keep defense rules also with Ask All on I cannot switch user I have to log off before I can switch.

Try this workaround:;msg81462#msg81462 .