Defense + Security Policy


I have Comodo version

In Defense + Computer Security Policy, I’ve added a group “Avast” ( Treat as Trusted Application ) with files : AshAvast.exe, ashDisp.exe, ashQuick.exe, ashServ.exe

I don’t understand why Comodo ask me what to do when I scan a file. I have a pop up window when I scan a file against virus ( see attached file ).

Can someone tell me why ?


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Could it be because you are using two different drive partitions and the programs are moved from E to C for execution? Have you tried selecting the group from running processes?

Hello, gtaillandier.

The alert you see is not about ashQuick.exe’s permissions (which you defined as Trusted Application), it’s about XYxplorer.exe’s.

If you want to allow any application to run the executables defined in Avast group, you should do the following:

In Computer Security Policy click Add… For Application Path click Select → Browse…, go to My Computer, specify “*” in the filename field, click Open. This should set the Application Path to , which means all applications. Apply. A new entry will be created (). Double-click it, choose “Use a Custom Policy”, click Access Rights, click Modify… in the “Run an executable” row, in the Allowed Applications list click Add → File Groups → Avast. Apply.

Place the “*” rule at the top of Computer Security Policy list. This will allow any applications to launch the executables you specified in Avast group without alerts.

Let us know if it worked, ok? :slight_smile: