Defense+ sanboxes Event Log Online Help

My computer takes a long time to boot (Vista SP2 32bit), but when I go to event properties and try to get more information by clicking on Event Log Online Help, the Comodo unrecognized file popup always appears and it’s sandboxed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is that even before you get the chance to submit the information online? or have you set the don’t ask again option on that window?

Yes. I want to submit the information, but every time I click on Event Log Online Help Comodo says the file is unrecognized and sandboxes it. And clicking on ‘don’t isolate it again’ doesn’t make any difference - it still sandboxes it.

Here’s an example of a file it isolates: tmp7e82.vbs

It seems mmc.exe is running ‘untrusted’ on your system, can you verify this, by starting the event viewer and then open CIS GUI go to Defense+ open ‘View active process list’
Find mmc.exe and see what the ‘verdict’ is for it.

Says it’s trusted

Can you start the eventviewer and then open CIS, Defense+, View Active Process List and post a screenshot of it?
It seems something is running untrusted that spawns the .vbs script.