Defense Safe Mode

This should be easy but a search here did not identify an answer.
Been using CIS for a few days and, so far, I’m happy.
But I have one app (KirbyAlarm) that seems to disagree with CIS.
When I open the app and try to change settings, nothing happens.
When I open the app and try to enter text, nothing happens.
I have found I can disable +Defense and the app works perfectly.
I have placed the app in ‘Trusted’ and, I think, it is running outside the SandBox (I think that is good).
How do I get CIS to allow the app to work?

Can you make sure the file is not also in My Pending Files at the same time. If so please remove it from there.

Also read Mouse1’s FAQ (see my signature) and How to remove individual applications/files from the sandbox? and see if that brings any help.