Defense+ ruined my PC...

I told Defence+ to protect all my files and it blocked access from EVERYTHING. My computer wouldn’t even TURN ON. I had to do a system restore to completely wipe everything off to factory settings and now I can’t even acess program files. My whole computer is messed up. I can’t install anything because it says I don’t have access. But Defence+ was suppose to be erased in the system restore, it’s restored to the store bought state but I’m denied access to a lot of folders. If Defence+ can completely stop your computer from working why is that even an option. That shouldn’t even be in the program, or it should atleast warn you. All my files, my taxes, everything is gone thanks to this program.

What I want to know is, how to I get access back to my folders like Program Files???

Hi, sorry for the trouble. I don’t know exactly what you really told D+, but here’s what you can do: boot Windows in safe mode - CIS doesn’t load in safe mode - and uninstall CIS. Thereafter you can determine how to handle the situation (i.e. restore files/folders, whether you want to give CIS another shot etc.)