Defense+ responds slowly


I’ve been running CIS (virst v4, now v5) for some time now on several systems.

On my new PC (running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit ), Defense+ has gotten progressively slower and slower to respond as I’ve been installing my apps.

What typically happens is this: I launch an app’s installer, click through the install options, then start the actual install. At some point during the installation, the installer will freeze up (no progress on its progress bar). After anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, Defense+ pops up a warning about some action the installer is trying to perform. I click on “Allow” (forgive me if I worded that wrong). This may happen a number of times during the installation, depending on what the installer is trying to do system-wise. So, completing the installation takes forever.

Defense+ also is causing similar long delays when I run apps that try to make system changes (e.g. modify a Registry key).

I did a search here on this forum, and saw several other people with similar problems, but no apparent catch-all solution. Is there any way to speed up Defense+?

Try deleting the prefetch data


I had the same problem and I believe that the problem with the speed issues lay with in the prefetch data. One common factor of most of the posts are people updating from v4 to v5. I think maybe the prefetch data may have in some way been malformed between the upgrade to v5. meaning maybe the problem is in calls between the application and system. i have seen both sides on posts where the system has slowed after the upgrade and where CIS has the problem and is running slow. i had the problem with my system slowing after i went with version 5 - and tried everything I could think of and the the idea of the the prefetch data hit me. I cleaned the prefetch, rebooted, and since then POW !!! just like version 4.

I made a post here

Where i tried to explain the possible reason ,but the poster didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.

He responded :

Thanks! This makes sense only if my Win7 system ran slowly even without CIS 5. It seems that W7 has a very sophisticated system to optimize program loading and operations using Superfetch. It seems to work extremely well since I started using W7 since 09/10 and I think it’s unnecessary to meddle with the prefetch or superfetch system. After all, with CIS 4, the system worked well without any significant problems.

Bottom line if there is a problem with the prefetch data and Comodo V5 then there is a problem with overall response with V5 installed. At least that is how i see it.This is just a theory, but it worked for me.

Having a lot of rules in CIS can make it very slow. May be that is what you are experiencing.