Defense + [RESOLVED]

Is there any part of D+ I could disable like ( computer monitor ) ? Just looking to shut of anything unnecessary.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

GUI->D+ ->advanced->d+ settings->monitor settings

Yes I guess forgetting of the screen entails no security threat…

I heard of some keyloggers (dont remember exact details) that make screenshots, besides intercepting keystrokes.
I guess in this case they need to access screen directly and it would be good if D+ alert user.

Yes you’re right I guess. It’s same old story: if you want less alerts you’ll compromise your security for now. Let’s wait for further versions and improvements like ThC.

Our aim was to first: Create the most secure protection software!
I believe we have achieved that.

and now our 2nd phase has started: Make it very easy to use.

You will see continual improvement in the usage of v3.

However, I would dare to say, even in its current form our HIPS is more user friendly than anything out there, thats comparable in terms of security!