Defense+ Registry changes log (whish list)

Sometime some application ask for some registry changes (who knows what exactly if that about some GUIDs). In case in next AV signature those application would be marked as virus or something (or just application without install) would be nice to see registry changes made log (probably even with “rollback” button).

Great idea! Registry changes made by “untrusted applications” should be monitored and logged. There should option to delete unwanted changes similar to killing a process from “Active Process” window.

D+ having control over the registry will be very handy when trying to remove malware that has already invaded the system. Although you can kill suspicious processes with D+, it won’t completely rid the system of it’s traces. The registry entries left behind cause system instability and it’s very important to remove them.

If this feature is deemed unnecessary, then it should at least be added to the “System Cleaner”.

It’ll prove to be a nice complementary tool.