Defense+ protects the firewall?

I’ve just installed the Comodo firewall v4 and need some clarification with defense+, I already have avast and malwarebytes anti-malware running in my system, so I don’t think I need the defense+, it constantly nags me like win7 uac so I ended up disabling it. Here’s the questions in my mind:-

  1. Will the firewall work properly without the Defense+?

2.If a malware do happen to pass by avast and mb-am and tries to modify Comodo settings or inject the cfp.exe with malicious code, will the firewall be able to block it(self-defense) without defense+?

-If it can not protect itself(self defense), then I need help to configure defense+ so the it ONLY protects the comodo registry/settings/exe.

I’ve been using Comodo for years now(from v2.4) and I really like it, so any help is appreciated.

  1. It will function with D+ disabled. But it will only be a network firewall.
  2. It won’t.

You need to remove groups from the My Protected Files list if you only want CIS to protect its self.

On the other hand I find it a waste to not let D+ let you protect as it can be made very quiet when learning.

What config are you using? The reason I ask is that the default config is almost eerily quiet these days.You may consider putting D+ in Clean PC Mode when you know your system is free of malware. Then it will learn very quietly yet you will be protected.

Thanks for the answer, I turned Defense+ on, just tested the Comodo leak test(clt.exe) and without D+ it was getting 30/340, now it gets 340/340, I tried to reduce the no. of pop-ups by whitelisting applications and it works a bit better now. I have D+ in safe mode, the clean PC mode is not welcomed as I may have a few inactive trojans laying about.

In that case it is best to stick with Safe Mode. Then it will only learn the rules for trusted programs and the rules for malware will be alerted to you (assuming the AV doesn’t catch them).