defense problem with google earth and google updater

i use comodo firewall since long time

i also had installed google updater from google pack
this did work long time … but now it dont work anymore
google updater tells me all the thine that this windows service inteligent background transfer service is not running correct … so google updater cant run properly :frowning:

but if i check this service its runing proper also if i restart it google still say its not running
also if i turn defense to learn mode it dont work…
but if i turn off defense++ google updater works =)

so it must be more a problem with the comodo firewall defense then the google updater =(

similat problem with google earth
i can install google earth but if i run it there allways appear a message that i dont hace the newest nvidia driver and i should try to run google earth in DirectX mode … and this DX mode also dont work … it tells me that i should try the open GL mode :frowning:

but then if i disable the comodo defense++ google earth runs without any problem =)

this error appears since one of the last maybe two or three updates … i dont know exactly since when because first i thoght its a problem in the google software

also i did definie all files in the google programm folder and all of its subfolder as trusted … and it still dont work if i turn defense on
and also i did definie rundll.exe as trusted because i did read here in the comodo forum that this can help with nvidia driver problems with the defense++

please fix this in a way and if possible … and tell me if you need more information and how i can give you this information

and also i found that when i did try to uninstall google updater in the windows software dialog, there appears a error message with the magic number 80070005 and it told me that i cant uninstall google updater … but when i turned defense++ off i was able to uninstall google updater and reinstall it as long the defense++ was off

maybe this error number tells you a bit more then it did to me :))

so i hope you can fix this bugs soon :wink:
and sorry about my bad english … its because i dont know english very well ;p

thanks for all

Can you please add some more information:

  1. CPU (32 bit or 64 bit)
  2. Operating System information (including Service Pack Version)
    … more details here.

Ok you could additionally try this.
Enable D+ and stop “intelligent background transfer” service ;D
Then start that service again. :stuck_out_tongue:

If this doesn’t work I guess you should track down that google updater process and restart it too.
Another thing to try is to logoff/logon without rebooting.