Defense+ Proactive setting completely disables all PC programs

I have been running CIS for a while now with no problems and, with some time on my hands the other day, decided to have a play!!!
I went into the manage configurations and set it to “proactive”.
That was a big mistake as nothing would then run - got an error something like “do not have access to this file or folder” for everything - including CIS itself :cry:
I couldn’t even shutdown the PC except by powering off.
In the end, I had to recover the system by reloading from backup (fortunately taken the night before).

So what actually happened and what should I have done before setting “proactive”? I have full admin privs!

Any ideas?



BTW I am not planning to change this again in the near future unless I am 100% sure it will not lock everything up again!

Please mention your OS, whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit, the security programs (especially realtime) installed etc. to assist the technical people here.

Apologies - WinXP SP3 Home Edition 32bit (fully patched)
CIS is configured for Firewall and AV.
Other security products are IOBit 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials.


You have 3 real time security products :o and you wonder what went wrong ???

One and only one AV
One and only one FW
One and only one HIPS

OK - point taken! However they were all working well together until I switched on the proactive setting!