Defense+ Predefined Policies Issue


I’ve been having a small issue after upgrading from Comodo Firewall v4 to v5. I use the standalone firewall (no AV) and I have thoroughly customized my D+ Predefined Policies- deleting a few policies, adding new custom policies, modifying existing policies, etc… I have renamed all my policies to something im more familiar with to fit my circumstances. As I have done with my Firewall Predefined Policies as well.

The issue I’ve been having is when I launch a new application and a D+ popup asks me whether to accept/block an app. I usually select “Treat this application as” and select a premade policy. But when I select “Treat this application as”, the dropdown lists previously deleted policies along with a few of my current predefined policies, but not all of my current policies. It shows predefined policies such as “Installer or Updater” or “Trusted” which I do not have on neither my D+ or Firewall policies (I deleted it or renamed it).

As such, I have no idea what to choose. I do not know what some of these policies allow or block and some of my policies are missing from the drop down list. I recheck all my D+ and Firewall policies to make sure they’re fine and it seems as if everythings in order until an actual popup asks me what to do.

On the other hand, when setting Defense+ rules under Computer Security Policy, it lists all of my current policies with the exception of “Installer or Updater” which I do not have and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Although this doesn’t bother me as much as the above because I can still select any of my current policies but it simply bothers me that I can set a policy which I do not have, cannot edit and have no idea what it blocks or allows.

Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

I have the same problem, and have already created a bug report:

No response yet, though. :frowning:


I think I solved the problem, see the other thead I mentioned. The issue now reduces merely to a problem of bad or wrong CIS documentation.