Defense+ Popup Authorization

Comodo Firewall

I run my backups at night after going to bed. I keep a copy of any new program install files in a separate folder for each program. When I create a new folder and place a new install file in it and the backup is run, Defense+ will popup a window to allow the creation of a new folder/file. Since I run this when I am not at the computer, I find an error message the next day for every occurrence every time. I use Syncback and I have put 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd in my Trusted Software Vendors file. Is there any way to set Defense+ to accept the actions of Syncback rather than creating an error and not complete the action? What I am doing now is to rerun the backup the next day when I am at my computer and Allow the action with a check mark in the remember box, but since each occurrence has a different name, the popups still occur for each one. This is a bit of an annoyance since the purpose of running the backup at night is so I don’t have to attend to it during my active time.

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Look here.

Thank you. I have found that setting and applied it. (When I did a search I did not find this thread. Must have used the wrong search info.)