Defense Plus and Wordperfect X3

I can’t believe I’m the only user of WordPerfect who is also using Comodo 3 (! It sure looks like I’m the first to complain about this “bug.”

Every time I use WP X3, I have to wade through ALL the warnings about it creating a file, etc. Any other program I use, I only have to answer the first time. I check each time to make sure I have “save this answer” checked, and I invariably do. So what gives? It takes a minimum of 3 minutes to get WP running, and that’s ridiculous. I have never used a Microsoft program where there was another available, and it’s the case here. If you’ve never tested Defense+ against WP, please do so and get a fix for this issue!

Same problem here with WordPerfect 12 though it only takes about 3 or 4 clicks to approve it. There is a new file name, all numbers, with each click. Is this normal? Why would wpwin12.exe need to create a new file on opening?

P.S. I’m running the free CIS.