Defense plus and Sandbok annoying me more than a virus would

For some reason even though i set my Defense to clean Pc mode old executables are coming up in defense warnings and being sand-boxed automatically as if they aren’t safe to me at least.I’ve even added them to my safe files manually and when i check my safe files list it says it’s empty and i have to reboot to get it back.This is bad because it caused me to disable defense plus and the sandbox and as you know sandbox takes away the rights of programs.Please tell me how to fix it because i really was about to uninstall comodo because its annoying me alot

Wouldn’t it help just use the training mode (or safe mode)?

Nope already tried it and i took it off because i dnt just want any file i download to be added to my database training mode defeats the purpose of me even using comodo.i rather have it on clean pc safe mode doesnt work either until reboot.its really bad because when i open my browser i get alerts for the same thing i told it to remember even though its listed as safe in my database and by publisher and sandbox will keep sandboxiing even do i say dnt run it in sand box again.I forgot to mention im running this on win7 ultimate 32 bit.I really like Comodo but its becomming a burden now i cant deal with reinstalling so manytimes first the tray icon messes up which still hasnt been fixed for 3 years and second time full scan hangs when scanning book marks now defense plus is ignoring my answers

This FAQ here will help you.

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