Defense Plus And Microsoft Security Essentials

How do these two get along, any known issues? Hope this is the right place to start this topic.


I’m still trying to figure out how much of that oil is at the bottom of the sea… !ot!

Thanks guys

I don’t think there are any compatibility issues between the two. Go for it. :-TU

Thanks mate… ;D

I installed version 2 of MSE yesterday and started a full scan. It ran extremely slow. After it only scammed 115000 objects in 13 hours, I started looking at other potential problems. I finally disabled Defense Plus and the scan now appears to be scanning at a decent rate.

I still have Comodo firewall enabled.

Check in the Defense+ logs for events that are pointing to MSE. Then post a screenshot of it, so we can advise you what kind of exception you have to add.

Using Comodo firewall with defense + and Microsoft’s Security Essentials, the memory firewall and BOClean make an excellent battleship…