Defense+ Performance Issue and Associated Problem


Not sure whether this should be here or in the Bug Reports. I’ll let the moderators decide.

Large installs and uninstalls take an extremely long time due to the machinations of Defense+ which puts new,updated,deleted dll and exe files into My Pending Files
Another example is clearing all but the last restore point in Windows Disk Cleanup. The process may take an hour when deletion of numerous restore points are involved.
The final example and most significant is the running of a-squared free scan. My system virtually ground to a halt when a-squared was scanning CAB files. It appears that A-squared Free loads the expanded cabinet dlls to a temp folder in Local Settings for the Userid before scanning, presumably to reduce memory overheads. So Defense+ jumps into action and adds each one to the My Pending Files. It reached the point where the system wasn’t exactly frozen but any new task invoked would take at least a minute and the same with any screen refresh.
Also the network appeared to be stopped.
The CPU was not high and the memory usage was a lot less than the Real memory value.
Eventually in trying to close a-squared free, CFP crashed.
A reload of CFP started displaying numerous requests for BOClean activity approval.
Thinking the profile may be corrupted I reloaded the CFP profile from a previously saved copy. Still the same.
Rebooted but still the same.
Eventually uninstalled (reboot) and reinstalled BOClean (reboot) and everything was back to normal.
Just to add, I do have all the CFP exes in BOBlean Excluder.
Running Defense+ in Train with Safe Mode.

I have no problem with what Defense+ is doing, but it’s the speed of processing, or rather lack of it.

Is the performance issue being addressed?

Regards, V

I also noticed that. Thats why I considered disabling Defense+ … and I am quite happy now.