Defense + Pending files comments and questions

I have 1400 pending files, mostly from a ULead movie maker install on Vista 32. is it really this hard to deal with these or am I missing something. I would like some features to help with these files like:

  1. Search the 1400 file names for commonality (like name contains ULead, or find all with .tmp extent),
  2. Mark all between the two I just marked. In Win Explorer that’s a SHIFT click.
  3. Put a date added to pending files on the screen. and find “all by date” as well.

there are probably others.

Also, how about a complete list and explanation of the options ADD, MODIFY, PURGE, REMOVE, LOOKUP, ETC. Only a few are shown in the help screen.

Hi sffww98

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Sorry there is no search or select feature yet for the pending files but they have been suggested many times. However if you click in the file path header you can get a sort.

Here is a post by tormod explaining very well what they different functions do. Read reply #2.;msg179337#msg179337