Defense+ - Paranoid or Safe Mode? Safe Files or Trusted?

Should work fine like that I always run in Paranoid Mode and sometimes Clean PC mode at first.
The only problem could be with MOSF this has not been working as it should in the latest version link to thread below.

Thanks Dennis. Thus far we have encountered no issues or anomalies in using MOSF.

As a side note: FWP is functioning just fine with my computer virtualized (the mode wherein I usually surf).

Virtualized? Is CFP installed within the virtualized system?

I ask, since if by virtualized you mean a Virtual Machine/System, then I believe that a VM uses virtual adapters & if CFP is not installed within the actual VM instance… it simply cannot see them (the adapter…or the VM).

I normally test new programs in Shadow Mode - from ShadowSurfer by Storagecraft. I test in that mode because a reboot kills all traces of the test install. CFP always manifests that it is “on the job” because – unless I put CFP into “install” mode – CFP will send a ton of pop-ups during the install. Therefore, I assume that CFP works just fine in shadow mode.

I surf the internet with my browser (and ONLY my browser) in Sandboxie. I cannot recall that CFP ever did any alerts concerning what was happening in the sandbox. I request your advice…

+Keylogging is a major threat that is NOT defended by surfing in a sandbox.

+Therefore, I definitely want CFP “on the job” while I surf, so that it will alert me if any real or potential keylogging takes place WITHIN the sandbox while I am surfing.

+QUESTION - Do I need to bring CFP INTO the sandbox, in order for CFP to be able to monitor activities WITHIN the sandbox?

Good question. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about ShadowSurfer to answer that question. Based on previous VMs, I would say/guess “Yes”. But, for ShadowSurfer, specifically, I cannot be certain.

Ummm… please re-read my post. My question pertained to using CFP to monitor activities within Sandboxie, not ShadowSurfer.

I am hoping that someone here HAS had experience with CFP and Sandboxie working together.

Aloha from Hawaii… bellgamin

I use Comodo with Sandboxie and everything works fine. You get alerts.

Great news, Vet!!! Thanks muchly. (:LOV)

I Sandbox my browser when needed and when my 9 year old son wants to play on kid sites. Just remember if you get a D+ alert which happened to my son and he called me in to look. It was an alert about Flashplayer. I allowed it but when I closed out everything the rule was not in Comodo cause it never really happened. So any changes to Comodo made in the Sandbox doesn’t stay unless you make custom rule for Sandboxie.