defense+ paranoid mode learned something???

after i reinstalled the newest version of comodo, and inserted my saved rule set (made for the newest version) again:
right after one later reboot i saw the ballonmessages appearing, which told me that comodo is learning some rules for some programs. as i checked, if i had made a mistake with setting the mode to paranoid, it was fine setted to paranoid mode.
i looked in the defense+ rule for one of the learned programs, and guess what, it had suddenly the well known blueprint rules which would appear if you set comodo to trainings mode. nearly everything was allowed.
i NEVER used the trainingsmode, so this rule set must have been created while i was in paranoid mode. and obviously comodo learned something while set to paranoid mode, as the ballonmessages told!

Try enabling “Block all unknown requests when the application is closed” and see again. What happens?

The ability to learn rules when the client is not running during boot time is by design and will be disabled when the above is enabled.