Defense+ Overwhelming Me

I used Comodo 3 for quite awhile and only switched to 4 a few weeks ago.

I’ve added most programs I trust so that I dont get pop ups every single time I run most programs, but Defense+ seems to be really really picky.

For instance, half the programs I try to install or uninstall will crash or give me an administrator account needed message until I go into Defense+ and add multiple processes to my safe list.

Another example, I have a game I play almost daily. I’ve added every possible process related to the game that I can, but without fail, every single time I run it, defense blocks it…the same .exe I’ve added to my safe files probably 50 times. So every time I play my game, I have to run it, wait for it to not start, open Comodo, add the .exe as a safe process, then try again.

What can I do? I loved Comodo 3 and how when I told it I trusted a program that it actually believed me. I loved how when I hit “allow” or “block” I could select once or always. Frankly I wouldnt even mind if Defense+ popped up every time, its simply way more annoying to not get any pop ups and have to check it and add multiple processes every time I want to run or install or uninstall something than just having a pop up.

Wouldn’t it help if you set Defense+ in Training Mode for a while?
Is your computer clean (malware free)?

Hah…I thought I had already done that, but apparently I did not. Yes my computer is clean, I set it to training mode to see how that works, thanks.

It’s a temporary measure. After Defense+ has already learned, go back to Safe Mode.

Are you using the sandbox?

If you are then you can try the method from this guide:

Just add the file to your safe files list straight from the sandbox popup.