Defense + notifications (small 2x2 inch displays)

The defense + notifications just pop up for a second and then are overwritten with another one, or disappear. These do not ask for an action to be taken (allow / deny) but I think are learning notifications. These seem a little “scary” in that for a user, they don’t give you time to figure out WHAT they are.

Are these logged elsewhere in the interface for better perusal, or can they be set to stay until OKed for the paranoid?

What you are seeing is the Defence+ learning alerts being generated.These are actions which are considered safe as the application was on your computer before D+ was introduced.
You can view what rules an application has been given by looking in Defence+/Advanced/Computer security policy/Highlight the application and select “Edit”/now click access rights and the new window shows what D+ montors.
Click on Modify next to one to see what has been allowed and remebered.