Defense+ not working - Protected Files

Hello. I’m hoping someone can give me advice on why I can’t get Defense+ to block and log modifications to Protected Files. I’m not sure if it’s a defect in Comodo or if I’m not configuring something properly. I’ve included 6 screenshots which I hope will help.

Steps I followed:

  • I started with a new policy and removed everything but the Defense+ rule sets. I wanted to rule out that another setting was interfering with the protected files settings.
  • I set my HIPS settings to Safe Mode, stopped it from creating new rules, and enabled pop-ups (refer to the “HIPS Settings.jpeg” attachment)
  • I created a basic XML file to test with (refer to the “Post Mod.jpeg” attachment)
  • I added the XML file to the Protected Files list in Defense+ (refer to “Protected Object.jpeg” attachment)
  • I added a custom rule for the XML file based off the Isolated Application rules (refer to the “Rules.jpeg” attachment)
  • I rebooted the system and checked that the Defense+ settings were still accurate.
  • I modified the XML file. Comodo didn’t give a pop-up or intervene (refer to the “Post Mod.jpeg” attachment)
  • In the Defense+ log it doesn’t mention anything about the XML file being modified. (refer to the “Defense+ Log.jpeg” attachment)

If anyone has insight into why this isn’t working I would appreciate advice. I’ve read through the online documentation however I don’t see anything that I’m missing.

Thank you.

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