Defense + Not selected during install but still installs anyway

I know computers fairly well though my weakpoinit is probably networking and firewalls. I have really been impressed with the Comodo Firewall 3 but I want nothing to do with this Defense + part of it. It just asks for too many things.

So during my last installl, I specifically checked for Defense + not to be installed. But after a reboot I found that Defense + was installed anyway, so I had to do some fast work and I think I was able to disable it. By the way, if this happens again, what is the proper way to disable it once it’s installed?

And I still like to know why it installed, even after I checked for it not to be.

Honestly speaking in today’s day an age you need a behavior blocker like D+. Plain old firewalls just cant cut it anymore unless your using Threatfire also. The pop ups die down after a week or so once all your programs are learned. You can use D+ in training mode also for a week so you do not get pop ups. Best advice. Use D+.

i just installed it today and my d+ alerts are already died down and i have lots of applications i installed comodo just for this part of the application as in todays day an age you need booth a firewall and a router. take my advice as well use D+

As others said, You do need it for malware and leak protection. Defense+ provides half of your protection, The other Half is the Network Firewall.

Alerts will die down after you use it for a bit, once is learns your programs, you will find D+ quite silent, unless a new unrecognized application is going to be used on your computer. D+ is powerful & easy.


Thanks for explaining to me the importance of Defense +. But I have a quick question. If D+ is so good why don’t other firewall companies use similiar technology.

Also, I just want to make sure I’ve got this right. You said " You can use D+ in training mode also for a week so you do not get pop ups. Why would I use training more for just one week and then what am I supposed to switch to after that?

And what about this CleanPC mode I was reading about? From what I can understand, you are basically saying that all programs and services running before I installed version 3 are ok but I will get popups for new apps installed. Is that correct? If so, and if I kept it in CleanPC mode, how would I then get the fewest popups on new apps installed?

I think what I still trying to find out is the best setting that produces the fewest popups. Also, after reading some posts I think I’ll be ok in customiziing what D+ monitors. But what kinds of things would you want it not to monitor?. I would think the registry would be one. But the registry goes hand in hand with the installation of new programs so…I’m still not sure what I could safely tell D+ not to monitor.

I apolgize for any totally illogical questions here. It’s quite early in the morning right now and I’m still trying to deciide which is the best firewall for my XP x64. Not that I have many options.

D+ is a HIPS programs and other firewalls do have it. Online Armor for one. Comodo just calls it D+. Training mode is only a temporary mode to learn things. It will allow all programs to run without alerts this is why a week is good or so. If you leave it in training mode for longer then you risk infection. HIPS will monitor everything so you cannot tell it not to monitor certain things but you can tell it what it trusted. Read here.

i got mine is Safe mode and since yesterday i get very few pop ups it’s quit now

Would have been nice if someone would have actually answered your question instead of just talking you into using Defense+, huh? It really seems more and more companies are going the way of MS as far as support ans stability of final product. Being an avid Comodo user for over 2 years now, I am deeply disturbed by Comodo’s recent path.

Only if you use something like Norton or the likes for AV…great programs like Avast really make this a redundant, unecessary package. And also, how does that answer the question of how to install without D+ installing…I just think people should answer a question, then give their opinion on why/why not. You all wasted space and did not even touch the question presented by ‘janlafta’. Isn’t there some type of forum guidelines, or at least a common courtesy?

You seem to be trolling or are you gonna actually add something to the thread. Install mode works fine if used properly. Simply read and follow.

Courtesy is something your not showing.

Hijacking some one elses thread is something you are showing. Vettetech and alot of other people do a great job and dedicate alot of time to help users on these forums. You can deal with this stuff in ■■■, Not here.


That’s fine, and thats my point. My response to Vettetech was simply to display the lack of answering the question. I apologize for any assumptions made that I may feel anyone is not trying to help, but take a REAL look at this thread…I found it trying to do exactly what was being asked and there is still no answer…and as for ‘Installation Mode’, it used to work correctly but no more. I now have to set through any and all updating of any software, including Windows Update, because d+ WILL go off at some point during the installation, and I end up where I am 2day…re-format, re-partition, re-install (yea, its lil out of order). Off-topic but you asked.

Vettetech, please take no offense. I am not stating at all you do not know what you are talking about. If offense was taken, again, I am sorry. I am just tired of trying to look up something on the forum, finding the exact question I have myself, then to all dismay, the question is not answered. Again, you do do a great service and many posts of yoiurs have been helpful, but lets try and answer this question cause Comodo is installing d+ even if you choose JUST the firewall (no leak protection) and I believe this was the question this thread started with.

If everyone is still all mad, I don’t know what to tell you other than reel in your feelers, this is just a forum. I would like to get this thread answered being that there are six answeres and none of them deal with the thread topic…am I really the only one out of line…? I probably vented my frustrations wrong over the fact that I still can’t install Comodo without d+ installing. I am not hi-jacking anyoines thread, but admit I should have just said something like; “CAN SOMEONE ANSWER THE QUESTION PLEASE.” As far as I can tell this thread was hijacked long b4 i got here, I just couldn’t reel in my own feelers. No one has addressed the question and the original poster probably just got tired of being notified there was a reply only to find out it was someone else telling him/her to use d+, not how to make iit really go away? I have fixed my conflict post, but as far as answering Vettetech about a reliable AV source, this is true and does fit to his reply. I meant no insult, I don’t read any insult, I also dont see an answer…

Your question is very logical and as you can read from my replies, I have the same concerns…maybe in getting thrown off the forum we will both get an answer to this question and finally be able to install Comdod Firewall…The Best Firewall I have ever used to date…along wioth my router hardware FW, I have a level of protection that is above and beyond…it is just really frustratin to have to anser questions on programs that are in my safe list anywhere I can put them.

errr before this thread become a fight club. maybe someone could answer the real question? 88)

are you sure you still have D+ active after you unticked it during installation?
some ppl think they have Defense+ running but actually the don’t.maybe the err what is it?module? the Defense+ tab was there but it’s not really active? ???

you can disable it by right clicking on CFP3 systray icon, and disable defense+. :■■■■

Positive…I have attached pics to show it is still running…they were taken yesterday, but I keep getting alerts all over 2day as well. I am going to go and turn it off like you said to see if that helps, but I really just want Comodo Firewall and I can’t seem to do that. Thank you for asking details, and alsop providing an alternative method…I hope it actually turns off.

Also the pics are from trying to set up my keyboard and I was in instalation mode (completly) and I had also already marked the installer as a trusted app, yet I kept getting prompts. Had to un-install FW and KB software, then re-install KB software first then Comodo again…and d+ still installed with it, even though it was told not too. Will try one more time to see if I just wasn’t paying attention, but please continue, as I am the type of person who actually reads the EULA.

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Okay, as you will see in my screen captures, D+ is marked ‘Inactive’ yet I still got the following D+ warnings/prompts and also D+ is still collecting files for anaylsis. Is it understood now thast D+ is not working corretly.

It used to before the last update…don’t know what changed to start causing this but it either needs fixed or D+ needs to be removed completly.

How can I install Comodo without D+ installing AT ALL. The pics show I am not just being rude, this is an actual problem and I want to know how to do just what this thread should be about. All of this stuff is helpful and appreciated but honestly nothing to do with the thread sunject and should probably all be moved except for anything dealing with D+ installing when told not to.


ps. soryy if this doesn’t post right, trying out safari. also just noticed that the second image is actually a firewall alert but the first belongs to D+

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What if you try this?

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i have dealt with this before even seating it in install mode once the program starts to install check treat this program as installer updater and all the pop ups go away :slight_smile: hope this helps you calm down the pop ups a bit on installing things.

As it states in my previuos post, I did this. The above reply from me shows the results of doing just that. I wish it were just some stupid box I was forgetting to check.

This has been the method every time I have tried using ‘Instalation Mode’, I appreciate your checking into details though. I would like to keep this topic to EXACTLY what my initail ranting was about…Installing Comdod Firewall v3 without the D+ module installing.

On-Topic: So, now that all the steps I can take or should take are covered and it should be clear that I have tried all of the above steps to “de-activate” the D+ module, I have done the following:

  1. Un-installed Comodo using the Add/Remove program feature in the Control Panel.
  2. Re-boot
  3. Run CFP_3_File+Registry_Cleaner; as an admiinistrator in ‘Normal Mode’; reboot
    —this still left peices of Comodo in my registry, so I continued with the following;
  4. Re-boot into ‘Safe Mode’
  5. Run CFP_3_File+Registry_Cleaneragain as administrator in ‘Safe Mode’, re-boot
    —This seemed to remove all left over traces other than a blank reg entry titled “Comodo Group”, which was found and removed by Vista Manager.
  6. Performed a Clean install of Comodo (images show choices selected during install)

I just had D+ go off, forgot to paste the capture to paint (sorry) but it did go off again. Note all images show that D+ was never selected to install and it also shows “Inactive” after install yet I keep getting D+ alerts. “HOW DO I INSTALL THE FIREWALL WITHOUT INSTALLING THE DEFENSE+” Don’t mean to yell, but lets keep this thread to its original topic please. I do not want to de-activate it once it installs…I DON NOT want it to install at all!!! I love the Comdod Firewall but this D+ thing is a complete vunerability issue. It is still collecting files for submission, and I did just get a new D+ alert, hence the posting saying all is NOT well.

Again, lets keep this thread to what it should be about “Defense+ Not selected during install but still installs anyway”. (:NRD)

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Slightly off topic…I went in and did the process of submitting unknown files D+ was collecting, however, once it was found the safe files, I chose to clivk on the ‘Remove’ button but had an epihany of a scary nature…did I just delete the files Comdod listed in the D+ '# Files waiting for your review"? Or did it just clear them from the comdod list?

Would still like to cover how to install fw without d+ at all…