Defense+ Not Functioning Properly!


After installing Comodo CIS on a new Windows 8.1.1 Tablet, everything (well, almost everything) works except Defense+ - I get a big red “At Risk” sign in the upper right corner.

Nothing I do seems to fix it!

I guess you will need system information: Windows 8.1.1, CIS Version 7.0.317799.4142, Database Version 18308

Any help would be most appreciated!


What configuration is Comodo running in? Have you tried running a Diagnostic?

I see this is a double post:

I ran a diagnostic and it said that everything was OK. I created a report but I can’t make heads or tails out of it.

As to what configuration it’s running in, if I understand what you are asking, AntiVirus: Enabled; Firewall: Enabled; Auto-Sandbox: Enabled; Realtime Protection: Active.

If there is anything else that might help to solve the bright red “At Risk”, please let me know!

Thanks in Advance,


OK - Aim4it asked the configuration - I tried to answer that - no one commented so I would guess that I answered that question correctly.

EricJH suggested that I remove and replace CIS - I thought that was unnecessary as this was a clean install on a new machine, but I did it anyway!

Guess what - I still get the Defense+ is not working properly. There is a button to “fix it” - I do that but it doesn’t fix anything - and it says that everything is OK! :-TD

So please, someone at Comodo please tell me how to fix this or what is wrong! :-\


If you followed Chiron’s guide we can exclude possible influence of possible left overs of previously installed security programs. Do you have other security programs installed that could interfere?