Defense+ not functioning properly, diagnostics find nothing.

I’m Using the free version of Comodo Firewall, alongside Avast. Until now it’s never given me grief like this. I really feel like an idiot for not being able to figure out what’s wrong but I can’t find anything in the FAQs that mentioned this.

It keeps telling me that Defense+ is not functioning properly, though I’m not really seeing much evidence of that, though there were some programs sandboxed before (I think) and now they aren’t.

The other day it did the same thing so I checked for updates and restarted when it was finished. I hadn’t had this come up again until today, and there’s no missing updates so I’m not sure what’s wrong.

Sorry for how haphazard this is. I’m tired and I don’t have much time left to be awake. :frowning:


I have a similar problem encountered since some days.
I’m using the free version too without any other related products installed.
I’m using Windows XP Pro SP3 German.
It begun with slowing down my system extremely.
In the taskmanager it shows me that or cmdagent.exe or services.exe or both together uses more or less 100% of CPU consumption.
So I searched where it comes from and found that when I refreshed the MBR then Windows run normally but found a new hardware. Installing it automatically and rebooting the system slows down like before.
But the also the comodo icon in the right lower corner showed me an exclamation mark and tells me that Defender + doesn’t run correctly.
Running the diagnosis it shows that all was installed correctly.
So I removed comodo completely and reinstalled it once more.
All the same like before, Windows starts very slow after the initial reboot, I replaced the MBR, Windows runs normal and finds a new hardware, then rebooting, then slowing down.
Is it possible to disable Defense + or what other possibillity do I have to get a correctly running system?
Any help please?
Thanks a lot


I’m not experiencing any slowdowns with it personally. It seems the defense+ error is just occurring periodically for no real reason, as it goes back to normal whenever I restart.

On that note it may just be something wrong with the latest patch. Hopefully someone can get these cleared up for the next one. :frowning:


so I tested yesterday the item with my laptop too and - exactly the same after an update.
But now I made a backup before testing, also I have had immense problems with the backup program then too (Acronis).
On my laptop runs Windows 7 Professional German, will say a different system than on my desktop computer and shurely other drivers and programs too.
Even if I only used my favourite filemanager “Total Commander” to have a look at a certain subdirectory on a 16 GB USB stick containing databases from WhereIsIt (a catalogue manager) which has the ending “.CTF” it slows down immediately with 100 % CPU consumption.
So I think that has to do with the last update of Defense + because before that there where no problems.
Also I remember about 1 or may be 2 years ago there where a similar problem resulting in blocking the computer completely which has gone after restoring a backup and then making a new update while comodo solved that problem reported by other users too.

So at the moment I can only rewrite the MBR each time switching the computer on.

And I hope that my Acer home server running Windows Home Server 2003 where I installed it too and it made an update too now runs correctly because I didn’t yet made a backup of the system… :cry:
It’s almost brand new therefor experimenting a little bit but containig about 3 TB of documentations.
I’ll have a look at that in the evening…

bye for now hoping on help


Abys48. Are you using Avast too?

Avast is trying to access cmdagent.exe in memory. CIS will block that but since there are lot of memory access attempts it makes cmdagent.exe start to use a lot of cpu cycles. Add the CIS installation folder to the Avast exclusions.

I have exactly this problem (Exclamation icon, “The Defense+ is not functioning properly!”, clicking Run Diagnostics “did not find any problems with your installation”) but I have NO other av/firewall-type products installed.

This has only started happeing with the update, which I did yesterday, to 5.4.18922.1355 (CIS Premium free).

Please advise what to do about this, as the tray icon w/exclamation point is distressing to see as well as obviates the normal animated indications.

P.S. I can restore the icon by Exit and re-launch of CIS, so I guess this is not a major problem? D+ is still working? How to test that…

CIS has two processes visible in Task Manager. Cfp.exe; the client application (GUI) that allows the user to set CIS to his or her likings. Cmdagent.exe which runs as a service and is doing the actual protection work.

When cmdagent.exe is running then CIS is doing its job.

Still it is odd that closing down and starting cfp.exe fixes the alert.

Well for my part, the problem has not reappeared since restarting CIS. But neither have I rebooted the PC since yesterday morning either (this XP PC enters Standby mode when not in use).

Will just have to keep an eye on it and try to notice under what circumstances it reappears (if at all). :-\


no, absolutely no other internet security related tool / program because I trusted comodo completely.

But today I found out taht it seems to have to do with comodo antivirus because now I downloaded and installed the parts seperately.
AntiVirus alone has the same effect, Internet security alone installed with the minimal availiable option works great.

So it seems that there is may be a false virus definition.