Defense+ monitored access to keyboard and blocked input language changes

After i upgrade CIS from v3.1413 to 4.0.1383, i got these problems which they never happened before the older version:

  1. Can’t change my input language when I type words in web bowser to search things or etc.

  2. Can’t copy and paste with other input language except English.
    Since English is not the main language in my country, they’re really big problems to me.:cry:

  3. Can’t log on to Windows Live Messenger even if I add it to my own safe file.

I checked the Defense+ events and found out that Defense+ has blocked all web bowser’s direct keyboard access as suspicious attempts, unchecked monitoring keyboard doesn’t help.:-\

So i uninstalled it and went back to the older version. Not only me but my friends got these problems too. Any solution to them ???

  1. How do you change the input language? When you try to do so do you see it logged in D+ logs? What browser are you using? Do the D+ logs tell it sandboxed your browser when you started it?
  2. Does this get logged? Can youpost a screenshot of the D+ logs that cover these events?

3.What do the Firewall logs say here? Try moving the rule for MSN Messenger to a place above the All Applications rule, make it trusted for the time being and try again.

sorry about me didn’t make things clear :-X

  1. I mean if I want to type in another language then i press ctrl+shift to switch to that language.
    Yes. It says “Defence+ has blocked * suspicious attempts” And i’m pretty sure it blocks access to my keyboard because when i type, the blocked number rise.
    I’m using Firefox. But that happens when i switch to IE8 or Chrome too.
    No. Totally didn’t see that.

  2. Yes. Just like when i’m trying to switch languages.
    Screenshot? But I already went back to Comodo 3.14… It shows like this, Application: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Action: Access Keyboard

  3. Firewall log doesn’t say anything. That’s why i’m comfused.