Defense+ module is not working correctly

Im new here and dont know much bout the technical stuff, but i have a few questions:

Im getting the message that my Defense+ module isnt working correctly ???.
I have run the Diagnose software but cant find anything.
What does it mean? Am i still protected? And what can I do about it?

I hope someone can give me advise, thanks.


What version of CIS are you using?

Do you have other security or network related programs running in the background? See if disabling them one by one helps to fix the problem or not.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for replying. Im using CIS prod.version 4.1.150349.920. Serialnr. Free
As far as I know i have not any security or network related programs running in the background. Everything is working fine, no problems at all. I just got this message this morning so i dont understand why or where or what the problem is.

Do you still get the message if you restart your computer?

Hi Chiron,
Thanks for the advice. I restarted the computer and voila its gone (:CLP)
Dont know why the message came up, but its gone so thanks again (:LGH)



I’ve had just the same problem today. I’ll try restarting and let you know.

Are you using fast user switching (switching user accounts without logging on and off). There is an issue with fast user switching and CIS.

You can resolve it when it occurs by just logging off and on again.

Best wishes