Defense+ might as well still be an alpha[HELP]

I’m a strong supporter of comodo firewall in the past but I don’t understand how or why version 3 was released as a final version. Defense+ is so problematic it’s like installing a virus onto your computer. I gave it several chances but it’s so destructive it’s laughable. Not only is it nearly incompatible with other software (and I mean it has a problem with everything) it even kills some of it’s own processes. It doesn’t even recognize files in the comodo/firewall folder. It doesn’t like boclean, it doesn’t like av, anything that scans your computer is going to be a pain in the ■■■ to get to work with defense+. I’m really disappointed in this product after having used your others. It feels like it hasn’t been beta tested at all.

Problematic in what ways? The alerts?

Well, lets figure out what exactly your issue is and see if we can resolve it…
pls be more specific about the issues you are facing.


Isn’t that what the learning mode is for? HIPS are notoriously noisy. If you want a quiet one, you can go for Defensewall (paid version) or Threatfire (free). In my opinion, the HIPS in Comodo’s firewall is doing what it should. Ones like System Safety Monitor are much worse than Comodo.

I am not sure you will get less noisy HIPS (with the capabilities of Comodo and with the protection it offers) anywhere else, paid or not…


The user might have the learning mode off.


v3 can be most silent or most chatty depending on the settings…

It has the power to be quitely protecting you or telling you about everything its doing… this can be adjusted thru settings…


I used Spyware Terminator’s HIPS before and believe me… D+ is way more silent, AND way more powerful. The only issues I’ve found are the small minutiae, like its interface still can’t sort the files by name etc.

But I actually couldn’t believe that the title of this thread was serious… 88)

I got one for you guys, why is it that when defense+ asks me about boclean checking firefox when I start firefox and I click trusted and remember this, it asks me the same thing next time I start firefox and over and over, and never learns?

well I just uninstalled boclean and put defense+ on training mode, it was on clean pc mode and it has chilled down alot. I still believe there is a problem with it and boclean because it asked for the same permission over and over again. so far so good. I now need to find a good antispyware that is not a system hog, I had defender but from my reading it is not that great.
can’t wait for cavs 3 to come out, the beta uses too many resources for now.
anyway, I have used cfp for a long time and will continue to do so.