Defense+ messages on terminal server

I’ve got anti-virus and Defense plus running on a 2003 server running terminal services. I know it’s not exactly supported but it works well for the most part. My problem is that the Defense+ Alerter message center pops up on a non administrators screen instead of mine. I installed it while logged in to my account (administrator priviledges) so I would think the messages would always pop up on mine. Is there a way to fix this, assuming it’s in the registry somewhere?

I’m running on Server 2003 R2. I’m just guessing here, but my guess is the alerts probably try to horn in on the console. If its not available its going to show up somewhere.

You may have to password protect it. You find that in the ‘More’ tab, preferences, parental control.

W/out alerts, you’ll have to monitor the logs.

Yeah I don’t want to have to keep looking at the logs so I’ll put a password in there like you suggested and give it a shot. Thanks.

Well I added a password and the alert messages still pop up on a users screen instead of mine. It’s never the same user either. Not sure what to do now. Any other ideas?