Defense + memory access warnings


I just recently installed Comodo Firewall Pro x64 and I have noticed that IDrive (online backup program) is being logged as a possible threat once every 20 seconds or so.

I’ve tried changing it to a truster application and checking the interprocess memory access settings but it still keeps triggering the warning. Although I don’t get any popups about the application the main summary display is stating Defense plus has blocked 858 suspicious attempts, and counting.

What can I do to get Comodo to stop assuming the worst about this application?

You could add idrivetray.exe to D+ Comodo Firewall Pro group > Protection Settings> Interprocess memory access >Exceptions.

But I guess you could ask IDrive tech support why this does happen and if it is really needed for idrivetray correct operation.

I’m sorry I cannot seem to find the protection settings your talking about. Can you give me a more guide route please.

Is it on the Defense + Common Tasks, or Advanced sections, and which one is it. I did add IDriverTray.exe to everything I could think of.

Defense+ Tasks > Advanced > Computer Security Policy

Entry Comodo Firewall Pro > Appication System Activity Control Dialog > Protection settings > Interprocess memory access >Exceptions

Are you running this off an USB or similiar?