Defense + Logs

I was wondering if there was any way to see the details about every time that Defense + requested my permission to do something (for example, blocking or allowing a program to do something.) When I go to the event logs, it only shows one thing, when I know that the program has prompted me dozens of times.

Does this event viewer only show certain situations?

Is there any way to examine a log of EVERY time the user has been prompted to do something?



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CIS uses selective logging, where it only logs events it thinks is important (e.g. user choosing “Block”). This cuts down on unnecessary logged alerts. There has been discussion about this on the forum from other users and logging should improve for all of CIS’s modules (AV, Firewall, D+)


When I first installed CIS and restarted my computer, my anti-virus program was trying to activate another program. I allowed it, and wish I could go back and see exactly what it was. Since I had the “remember this” box checked, it never asks me again.

Any ideas on how I can figure out what this was?

Go to your D+ tab and select “Advanced” in the left column. Then go into your computer security policy and look for your antivirus app. If you right click on the app and select “edit”, you can then click on “Access Rights” and see everything you’ve given it access to.

Right on man…this worked. I went to the place you mentioned and clicked “Modify” next to “Run an executable” and I recognized the file that my anti-virus software was trying to run.


You’re welcome!